IOSA Program Changes due to COVID-19

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ACS and other IATA approved Audit Organisations have been working with IATA to ensure airlines can maintain IOSA registration despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. IATA has consequently approved and released the following documents (click on each to download): IOSA Operator Alert 13 – COVID-19 Measures under IOSA; IPM Edition 12 – Temporary Revision 1; SAR.F23 -Extenuating Circumstances – Operator Questionnaire; and SAR.F24 – Claim of Extenuating Circumstances Form. These new provisions are applicable exclusively to registered IOSA Operators that are unable to undergo or complete a registration renewal audit and fulfil the conditions listed in 7.5.14 of the TR. All other provisions in IPM Edition 12, including existing provisions on Extenuating Circumstances (IPM 7.5.6 and related provisions), remain fully effective. The introduced measures are of temporary nature and will be removed again, once the COVID-19 pandemic is contained at a level that allows normal application of the Program rules. The TR allows eligible Operators to claim Extenuating Circumstances if an Audit has not taken place, or has taken place and has not been completed, prior to the registration expiry date. If a claim of Extenuating Circumstances is validated by IATA, the Operator will have one hundred eighty (180) days following the registration expiry date, to undergo and close the audit (including IATA QC and IAR approval). For more information please refer to the documents above, or contact ACS on

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