ACS delivers innovative audit programs that meet clients’ internal audit procedures, report and corrective action management requirements.
ACS undertakes a comprehensive range of quality audits including:

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Quality and Safety Management

  • Management System review
  • SMS including Hazard Identification, Risk Assessments (HIRA), mitigation action and mitigation effectiveness evaluation, and monitoring of risks
  • Reporting system including mandatory, confidential, and voluntary reporting.
  • Quality Assurance program for aircraft operations and external service providers
  • Internal and external communications system
  • Management and control of manuals and associated documentation
  • Management and control of training and qualifications records
  • AOC and operations specifications authorizations
  • Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS)
  • Emergency response plans and associated facilities
  • Aviation security program
Flight Operations
  • Flight deck line flight safety observations (line flight observation)
  • LOSA type audit
  • Flight crew licensing, qualifications, training, and medical records
  • Flight and duty times and recency requirements and records
  • Flight operations policies and procedure
  • Cabin operations line safety observations (line flight observation)
  • Air crew safety and emergency procedures (SEP) training programs and facilities
  • Flight simulator management and maintenance controls
  • Flight dispatch and operations control
  • Navigation and performance updating processes and procedures
  • Crew rostering/scheduling and day of operations monitoring
Ground Handling Agents (External Service Providers – ESPs)
  • Passenger handling
  • Ramp handling
  • Cargo handling
  • Catering supplying
Maintenance Contractors
  • Heavy maintenance
  • Refuellers and fuel farms
  • Line maintenance
  • Contractual performance
Aircraft Maintenance
  • Maintenance planning including AD, ASB and SB management
  • Aircraft configuration management
  • Maintenance activities including management and control of documentation and records
  • Tooling and equipment including calibration
  • LAME licensing, qualification, and training
  • Vendors and stores management