ACS IOSA Library

Current IOSA documentation is made available on the ACS website in the interests of ensuring the IOSA requirements and any program changes are easily available for our clients.  If you have any questions about the IOSA program, your upcoming audit or IOSA preparation, please contact ACS on  We’re here to help!

Remote Audits (Limited IOSA Scope & Registration)

IATA have introduced remote audits to IOSA to allow for ongoing IOSA registration during the pandemic.  These audits are limited scope (only 256 standards) and provide a limited period of registration.  The documents specific to remote audits are provided below, noting that other IOSA documents are also applicable:

IOSA Program Manual (IPM)

IOSA Standards Manual (ISM)

IOSA Standards Manual (ISM) – REMOTE AUDIT

IOSA Audit Handbook

IOSA Operator Alerts

IATA Reference Manual

Miscellaneous IOSA Documents & Forms