ACS was one of the very first organisations in the world accredited by IATA, through a rigorous process, as an IATA Accredited Audit Organisation (AO) to conduct IOSA audits.

IOSA is the first globally accepted audit programme using internationally agreed standards, improving airline operational safety. IOSA provides numerous benefits to aviation organisations, these include:

  • Internationally recognised safety and quality standards;
  • The sharing of audit reports, facilitates code share partner and regulator arrangements, saving aviation organisations time, employee resources and provides improved cost efficiencies;
  • Eliminates redundant audits, ensuring that fewer audits are required by alliance members and code-share partners;
  • The IOSA standards are continually improved and updated ensuring currency in the dynamic aviation environment;
  • All IOSA audit reports are closely monitored by IATA to ensure improved standardisation and consistency.


IOSA Registry

Airlines which successfully complete an IOSA audit are listed as IOSA operators on an exclusive IOSA Registry created and maintained by IATA. Once registered, IOSA operators are required to satisfy the requirements of an IOSA audit every two years to remain IOSA registered.

IATA member airlines are required to attain IOSA registration in order to obtain and maintain their IATA membership. Non-IATA member airlines are encouraged to participate in this global program in order to join the leading airlines in reaching the international benchmark for airline operational safety.

IOSA Internal/ Trial/ Preparation Audit

ACS is fully capable to assist airlines to conduct Internal Audits during the preparation for the initial IOSA Certification or Renewal Audits utilising IOSA qualified auditors.

The outcome of this service is ACS will issue the Gap Analysis report that identifies IOSA deficiencies/ gaps and provides recommendations regarding interpretation and adherence to the IOSA Standard and Recommended Practice (ISARP).

If the Internal/ Trial/ Preparation Audit is required, ACS recommends that it be completed a minimum of 12 weeks before the planned date of the IOSA Certification Audit. This allows sufficient time for our valued clients to address any identified deficiencies/ gaps.

Please contact us to admin@acsgroup.aero to find out more about the IOSA programme. ACS would be pleased to provide you with a competitive proposal for our specialist aviation auditing services.

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