ACS and Integrated Safety Support working in partnership can offer online FRMS training at three different levels to organisations:(1) Induction, (2) Awareness and (3) Advanced.

All three courses can be integrated with an organisation’s Learning Management System (LMS), set up as a dedicated server or full online hosting can be provided. Online training benefits companies in terms of the flexibility of delivery, the cost per person and the standardisation of content.

About this e-Learning Courses

Online Fatigue Management – Induction Course

The Induction Course is a 7-minute fatigue management video-based program designed so individuals recognize fatigue as a risk and the personal responsibility to manage those risks. It is suited to all operational employees, flight crew and cabin crew, engineers, and ground operations employees. In addition, it is suitable for all employees who deal with operational personnel.

Online Fatigue Management – Awareness Aviation Course

The Awareness Course is a 60-minute program containing 4 modules focused on personal fatigue management for people working in the aviation industry. This course is designed for employees considered to have lower to moderate exposure to fatigue-related risks and includes all personnel suitable for the Induction Course who do not work extended hours or shifts (such as the CEO, Board, etc.). The Awareness Course is designed to complement the Induction Course to reinforce key messages where two-phase awareness raising is of value.

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Online Fatigue Management – Advanced Course

The Advanced Course is a 140-minute program containing 7 modules focused on personal fatigue management, with assessment questions. This course is designed for employees considered to have higher potential exposure to fatigue-related risks and includes flight crew, cabin crew, engineers and airport ground employees who work in 24/7 and/or trans-meridian environments.

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Contact us on admin@acsgroup.aero for more information about our Fatigue Management training.  Consultancies to airlines, including implementation of FRMS software is also available.

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