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ACS Successfully conducts IATA’s First Remote IOSA.

ACS has become the first IATA accredited Audit Organisation to conduct a remote IOSA.  The audit was conducted in early September 2020 and was observed by IATA.  ACS provided significant feedback to IATA about the planning and conduct of remote auditing including the use of technology, sharing documentation remotely and securely, conducting remote interviews and conducting observations.  Further remote audits are planned for the coming months.

ACS looks forward to resuming onsite audits as they are the best way to assess conformity with the IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs).  Onsite audits also ensure an assessment of all ISARPs and not just a reduced scope as provided in the remote audits.  As an integral partner of the IOSA program since its commencement, ACS continues to provide unwavering quality auditing services to airlines across the globe – through remote and onsite audits – and recognises the challenges ahead during the pandemic and as airlines restart or increase their operations.

If airlines wish to learn more about ACS and how we can assist them with their IOSA registration or compliance with the ISARPs, please contact us on


IATA Releases IPM Temporary Revision – Operator Reporting Requirements.

IATA has released IPM Edition 12 Temporary Revision 4 (see below) with effect 1 July 2020.  The TR introduces the following:

IPM 7.3.2  Operators currently registered on the IOSA registry, which are not under a validated claim of Extenuating Circumstances for Audit Conduct, during the period starting 01 July 2020 and until further notice, shall be required to submit to IATA a completed operator questionnaire (Form SAR.F23), and re-submit this form every two calendar months.

The initial submission shall be made within 10 calendar days of the above effective date, and re-submission shall subsequently be made by the last day of the month of every two (2) calendar months.

Note: Any information reported through form SAR.F23, which falls within the scope of IPM 7.7.1, will be considered as reported by the Operator and does not need to be reported separately.

IPM 7.3.3  Failure to submit form SAR.F23 as required in IPM 7.3.2 may result in the temporary suspension of the Operator, until successful submission of the form.

IPM 7.3.4  Successful conduct of a regular full-scope onsite Renewal Audit after 01 July 2020, and subsequent closure of such Audit, with the IAR approved and available for sharing, shall relieve an Operator from the obligation to submit form SAR.F23 as required in IPM 7.3.2.

IPM 9.9.7  IATA shall provide an online Operator Questionnaire (Form SAR.F23), aimed at capturing relevant information about an Operator during the COVID-19 crisis. Such Questionnaire shall serve the purpose of information sharing among operators and regulators.

IPM 9.9.8  IATA shall ensure the Operator Questionnaire, as specified in 9.9.7, is made available to interested parties under the same processes and limitations applicable to IARs, as specified in IPM 9.9.

The TR also provides a note to IPM 7.7.1 regarding circumstances for operators to self-report any circumstances or conditions that significantly affect or have the potential to significantly affect the management system and/or operations of the Operator.  The note states “Any information reported through form SAR.F23, which falls within the scope of IPM 7.7.1, will be considered as reported by the Operator and does not need to be reported separately.”

For more information about changes to the IOSA Program, including Operator reporting requirements and Remote Audits, please contact ACS at

ONLINE Auditor Training:- QMS & Lead Auditor Course (5 days).

ACS is pleased to offer an ONLINE QMS & Lead Auditor Course (5 days) on the week starting 17 August 2020.  This course is especially developed for personnel in the aviation industry, although participants from other industries are welcome too.

The training will be conducted remotely and as such spaces for this training is limited.

Successful course participants will gain an internationally recognised qualification and certificate.

For more information about this course, visit:

To take advantage of this opportunity or to ask any questions about the training, please contact ACS at

IOSA Program Support for Airlines

ACS has been working with IATA and other AOs to develop changes to the IOSA program to ensure airlines receive the guidance and support needed during this difficult time for our industry.  This includes making suitable changes to the IOSA program such as permitting remote auditing and registration extensions due to extenuating circumstances (COVID-19).

Some of the documents released as a result of this collaboration includes:

ACS is here to help.  If your airline would like any assistance with your IOSA registration extension, upcoming audit, internal audits, internal auditor training, or any other operational safety issues, please contact us on  We’ll be very happy to hear from you.

COVID-19 Update

ACS Management, Auditors, Consultants, Instructors and office personnel wish you, your families and colleagues the best during this difficult time. We hope that when the COVID-19 pandemic is over we can look back at this time with pride in the way we responded, and renewed optimism about the future of aviation.

ACS is still operating despite the challenges of the pandemic and travel restrictions, and we’re keen to assist airlines maintain their IOSA registration.  If you are interested in assistance to apply to IATA for Extenuating Circumstances due to COVID-19, please contact us at admin@acsgroup,aero.  ACS is very willing to help.

ACS is also happy to provide a proposal for your next IOSA audit, IOSA preparation services, online training (including IOSA Airline Auditor Training, QMS Internal Auditor Training or QMS Lead Auditor Training) or aviation consultancy.  We can even start planning for work to occur once the travel restrictions are lifted.

We’re all in this together, and together we must continue to work to ensure the ongoing operational safety and security of aviation globally.

IOSA Program Changes due to COVID-19

ACS and other IATA approved Audit Organisations have been working with IATA to ensure airlines can maintain IOSA registration despite the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.  IATA has consequently approved and released the following documents (click on each to download):

These new provisions are applicable exclusively to registered IOSA Operators that are unable to undergo or complete a registration renewal audit and fulfil the conditions listed in 7.5.14 of the TR. All other provisions in IPM Edition 12, including existing provisions on Extenuating Circumstances (IPM 7.5.6 and related provisions), remain fully effective. The introduced measures are of temporary nature and will be removed again, once the COVID-19 pandemic is contained at a level that allows normal application of the Program rules.

The TR allows eligible Operators to claim Extenuating Circumstances if an Audit has not taken place, or has taken place and has not been completed, prior to the registration expiry date. If a claim of Extenuating Circumstances is validated by IATA, the Operator will have one hundred eighty (180) days following the registration expiry date, to undergo and close the audit (including IATA QC and IAR approval).

For more information please refer to the documents above, or contact ACS on