IOSA Airline Auditor Training

The IOSA Airline Auditor Training (IAAT) Course is a comprehensive training program developed by ACS specifically to meet the IOSA requirements for IOSA Auditors within an Airline.  It will be delivered by a highly experienced aviation Auditor/Instructor, meets the requirements for initial and continuing auditor training in accordance with the IOSA Standard and Recommended Practice (ISARP) ORG 3.4.13 and provides the knowledge and understanding necessary for IOSA Airline Auditors to effectively conduct audits against applicable regulations and standards and the ISARPs.

About this Course

This course will provide participants with airline auditing skills with a particular focus on the IOSA program.  Participants will gain a good working knowledge of how to conduct audits against the ISARPs and the syllabus includes:

  • Application of audit principles, procedures and techniques;
  • Planning and organizing work effectively;
  • Conducting the audit within the agreed timescale;
  • Prioritizing and focusing on matters of significance;
  • Collecting information (i.e. audit evidence) through effective interviewing, listening, observing and examination of documents, records and data;
  • Understanding the appropriateness and consequences of using sampling techniques for auditing;
  • Verifying the accuracy of collected information;
  • Confirming the sufficiency and appropriateness of audit evidence to support audit findings and conclusions;
  • Assessing those factors that can affect the reliability of the audit findings and conclusions;
  • Using work documents to record audit activities;
  • Preparing audit reports;
  • Maintaining the confidentiality and security of information;
  • Communicating effectively, either through personal linguistic skills or through an interpreter;
  • IOSA program overview;
  • IOSA documentation;
  • Understanding the role of the ICAO annexes as the primary source of specifications contained in the ISARPs;
  • Reading and understanding the ISARPs;
  • IOSA quality assurance requirements;
  • Auditor Actions;
  • Mandatory observations;
  • Root cause analysis;
  • Conformance Report (CR);
  • Auditing ORG and repeated ORG ISARPs;
  • Auditing SMS;
  • Auditing quality assurance;
  • Assessing outsourced operational functions.

It is vital that an airline utilizes internal auditors that are impartial and functionally independent from the operational activities being audited (refer ORG3.4.12).  ACS’ IOSA Airline Training Course also includes a module on auditor impartiality and independence including expected ethical and professional standards for auditors (i.e. auditor code of conduct).

This course will also build and/or enhance auditing interpersonal skills and questioning techniques specifically relating to IOSA audits.

Course Benefits

IOSA Operators are required to have a training and qualification program for auditors that conduct auditing under their quality assurance program as specified in ORG 3.4.1.  Participants who successfully complete this course will meet the requirements of initial and/or continuing auditor training in accordance with the IOSA Standards Manual ORG 3.4.13, including Internal Auditing against the ISARPs.

Target Audience

Airline Auditors that work for Airlines that are IOSA certified or are seeking IOSA certification.


On successful completion (obtaining a grade of over 70%) participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.  A Special Distinction is awarded to participants who obtaining a grade over 90%.

Course Fee

ACS can provides this course to airlines as an in-house course.  Our costs are extremely competitive. 

Please contact ACS to discuss your needs.

For further info send your inquiry to and ACS would be pleased to provide you with a competitive proposal for our specialist aviation training services.